Shadow Work

Shadows_dancingThe filter to which most view the world is through the thought process. Sometimes we are very attached to our way of thinking that we are unaware of the results it directly creates in our day-to-day life. The thoughts trigger our emotions and then our emotions trigger our actions. If you take the time to accept the truth of your thoughts and feelings from the very roots that they sprout, then you will bring light to them. When we resist painful emotions we continue to supress them or only half deal with them. By allowing yourself to fully be in what you are feeling and then decide if it is the truth or not, you shed light and bring clarity to what is actually going on.  This is called shadow work.  Darkness is the absence of light.  When we bring light into the shadows all can be seen.  This awareness raises the vibration of the once hidden energy.

Often people avoid going into the shadow side of their truth thinking it will go away or they wont have to deal with it, but instead it continues as a heavy, lingering energy without any clarity or direction. This also creates confusion and misunderstandings to why things go the way they do.  It is important to figure out what your fears are. Do you fear you are unworthy or undeserving of love? If this is a feeling of yours then find out the root of it. Why do you feel this way? Don’t be afraid of the dark.  Your presence alone will illuminate the path to the truth.

If we understand that our egos are tools used to accomplish our souls lessons in order to evolve, then we can accept that the ego’s expressions are not personal. Feel what you are feeling and thinking, but don’t attach to it like it is the truth.

Focus on the magnificent energy of your divine connection to all things in life. See the ego or false self as an amusing part of this journey, but don’t, by any means take it to heart. Once you connect to the source of life, you will feel the warmth and comfort of spirit in every moment, regardless if you are alone, or in a busy place of many occupied people. Love will emanate from the inside out of your being, and there will be no desire to feel that something outside yourself should fill a void within. You will know in your heart that, that is not possible.