Who is driving… HU or MAN?

Earth Angel 70

We are human, which is made up of two main parts.  The HU (pronounced hue) is our true essence, our soul, and the truth of who we are.  The MAN (pronounced ego), is the stuff we manifest here on earth, the energy that can be manipulated and thrown around in every direction.   

We are made up of both energies, but HU is what we are and the MAN is what we use as our tool.  When we recognize MAN is taking control, we can then see we have misplaced the true purpose of MAN’s role in our life. HU just “is” and if we recognize when we have lost touch with HU we can then choose to return to this connected place once again. This will effortlessly diminish the power of MAN’s egoistic energy.

When we recognize these two parts of our existence, we then can see which one we have allowed in the drivers seat in different situations of our lives.  Now MAN should not ever be in the drivers seat, it is just the passenger, it can help with navigation, passing you some water, taking care of HU (you :).   It is the assistant along this journey.

If this energy jumps in the driver seat, put it back in its place.  It is not your truth, you are HU, don’t get fooled by this very tricky part of yourself.  It has a place, just know where that is and there will be a lot less stress, pain, and discomfort.  Not that those things are bad to feel and experience, they are actually necessary in evolving HU, but it cannot be done effectively unless MAN is in the passenger seat and HU in the drivers seat.  

The gift of having HU taking us along in this journey is accepting that we do not have to attach to our ego’s ideas and judgements of who we think we are.  The concepts that we create, of what we are all about don’t exist in the presence in HU.  All of the ego’s structure falls away; it no longer defines us because we know that it is all an illusion of the mind.  These defining beliefs that we create, is what also creates separateness.  Ego makes us feel special to have a sense of an individual identity.

HU is oneness.  The only thing that creates the separation is our personalities in our passenger seat that we allow to direct us on our journey.  It creates the varying dynamics on our planet.  It gives us the outlets to learn, grow and evolve to the point where we realize that the truth of who we are is of all the same energy, from the same source.  It is like we have all been given assignments to come here on earth to complete. When I look at everyone’s birth natal charts in astrology and I see how aligned everyone is with the energies of the planets of their chart, it tells me that the universe is much greater than my MAN’s mind could ever fully understand.

The complexity of a birth chart has so much detail happening that lines up with each persons journey, that I am amazed when people say that astrology is nonsense.  I realize that most people only think about their sun sign in astrology and don’t fully understand the depth to reading a whole chart, but more people are starting to get it and accept its purpose.

Even fully understanding a birth chart in astrology is just a tool used here. It is a stepping-stone to the realization of the ultimate acceptance of HU.  The mind that creates the attachments to the beliefs about who we are and what we do is the false self that we create.  A picture gets painted of our reality based on the ideas we hold on to.  We decide if we feel good enough or worthy enough to be or do certain things in this life.  We decide if other people are doing their life right or wrong, based on the belief system we have bought into.  Eventually, if we are fortunate enough, none of this will matter.  We wont get so caught up in the chaos of our minds.  We will acknowledge our passenger in the seat beside us, but a knowing of our true essence, the HU that runs through us all that “IS”.  It just is, and there are no egoistic, man driven definitions to label, judge, control, or manipulate it.  It is the truth of who we all are.

So the next time you find yourself in a stressed out situation, maybe ask yourself how you can put MAN back in the passenger seat and allow HU to take the wheel.

Remember HU comes before MAN for a reason.  We are HU first, MAN second.  If life is seeming a little messed up, you are likely operating as a MAN-HU, and that’s just silly! You are a HUMAN.