Work, Astrology, and the Elements

four-elementsIf the place you work at everyday creates stress and discomfort, then I recommend you pass this article along to your boss.  If you are the boss, manager, or supervisor and you feel you are not getting the productivity or respect from your employees that you feel you should, then sit down and take five to read this.

Synergy in the work place is a win-win for everybody. Unfortunately I have witnessed too many business owners with the need to become bigger and better at the expense of their staff.  They are more than comfortable with the win-lose scenario if their bank accounts are growing.  The staff becomes dispensable or the state of their well-being is disregarded.  Now of course there are businesses out there that actually get it, and know a healthy staff is a healthy business. So these places can just take in a few extra tips here to improve an already thriving environment.

What does a great boss or business owner look like?  For one, they care.  They care about the hearts of the people that have chosen to spend their daily expression at their place of business.  They know that everyone has gifts and talents that they may still be figuring out how to express.  Nurturing others and bringing out the best in them will help everybody learn and grow. Yelling, talking down to, or intimidating your staff will only create a weak foundation of fear and negativity.

When we can accept that everyone contains the energy of the four elements within, but at different levels, then we might not be so quick to judge or expect others to behave a certain way.  There is the energy of the Earth element, the Water element, the Fire element, and the Air Element.  The fifth element is Love and it is the whole of who we are.  It is expressed the strongest once we’ve learned how to balance out our four elements.  In the meantime it is best if we accept our natural elements within, at whatever level we experience them.

The expression of the Earth element is very grounded.  People with this as a strong energy in their astrological birth chart are considered “down to earth”. They are the best at being present to what needs to be done.  They like being physical and active in the work place, but at their own pace which usually isn’t too fast.  They are thorough and methodical.  This practical approach usually leads to a job well done.  Sometimes they can be stubborn, but their commitment is strong.  They help ground those around them that are naturally lacking this energy in their being.  They are the rock for those who are prone to spiral out of control in an unpredictable situation.  Everyday life is what they know how to do best and this shows up in the work place as well.

The expression of the Water element is sensitive and feeling based.  These people connect to their emotions and how things make them feel.  They are quite empathetic and have strong intuitional tendencies.  Because they feel so much so deeply they can be prone to over emotionalism at times.  This emotional expression is a way to release the overflowing energy that they have absorbed from their environment.  The sensitivities that a strong Water element person brings is the understanding of the importance of personal connections and how to relate to others from a deeper, more emotional place.  Others will feel accepted and understood in their presence.

The expression of the Fire element is quick and lively.  They are those high- energy people that have no problem putting themselves out there.  They like to be spontaneous.  Sometimes they may over react (combust) in certain situations or say things without thinking first.  They naturally raise the energy in a room and therefore can be utilized in keeping everyone’s mojo up.  Naturally passionate they breathe fire into any area they are interested in.  They can also contribute to doing the tougher jobs that takes a more feisty personality like dealing with conflict.

The expression of the Air element is very thought oriented, intuitive, and quick. Some with this strong energy love to talk a lot and if it isn’t out loud then it is in their heads.  Their minds are always going and sometimes it is hard to keep them focused on one thing for any length of time.  They like learning, change and movement.  They come up with great ideas and communicate them well. Very animated in their expression they like to talk with their hands.  Air types can be scattered with their energies at times, but they have many great ideas to contribute to any work place and will clearly communicate what needs to be said in any given situation.

Understanding that everyone has strengths and weaknesses is important. Enhancing our strengths will help us to feel good about ourselves and this will naturally support and encourage us to strengthen our weaker elements.  If the work place is balanced with different personality types then the business will be balanced and all will feel good.  Everyone will have their part and everyone will learn from each other.  Diversity in people is a gift. We are not robots and therefore should not expect people or employees to all behave the same way. Yes, I get that you may be running a business and want uniformity, but let that stay in the business end of things.  Lets support each other’s gifts and strengths and allow each other to shine the best they know how to.

If we take some time to learn how our elements balance out in our own astrological birth chart, we will become more conscious of our own make-up and will be able to accept the truths of our being.  If we discover there is no air in our chart we will understand why we may have always struggled putting our feelings into words, communicating with others, or no interest in reading.  If we see that we have an over abundance of water in our chart then our sensitivities and over emotionalism will make sense.  Maybe you lack fire and really need to be pushed to motivate yourself to follow through with all of your great ideas because you are very high in air?  If there is little earth in your chart you may struggle with the day to day duties.  Knowing where we fall short helps us to understand where we need to put the extra efforts in our lives.  Knowing these things about the people you work with everyday helps us accept each other without trying to change or control one another.

We are all in this together.  There are ways to love and accept each other regardless of the type of relationship we have.  It is easier to do once we’ve done the work on ourselves and can fully love and accept who we are and what we have to offer.  When we choose to show up at a place of work everyday to give our time and energy, why not make it a positive, healthy environment.  This goes for stay at home parents too.  Understanding your children’s gifts based on their stronger elements will help you enhance what they enjoy doing everyday, and you can actively support their weaker elements.

Now some of us are fortunate to be naturally balanced in all four elements.  If you want to know what your special formula looks like, find an online astrology site that will figure it out for you for free, or contact some who studies astrology and find it out with them, plus a whole lot more!