Only Emotions Can Be Manipulated

Truth cannot be manipulated, only emotions. When we come from an emotional place we have disconnected from the truth, for the truth just is. The truth is not good, nor bad, it is a neutral place of oneness. There is no room for manipulation or any sort of outside influence. The more we allow ourselves to be manipulated, the further we are taken from the truth. Each and every time we seek answers outside of ourselves we step that much further from the centre of the Universe (where the truth resides) which is at the core of our being.

We are always connected to the truth, but we have been conditioned to forget this, due to the mass manipulation around every corner of our daily existence. All forms of media whether it is online, TV, radio, news broadcasts, movies and so on, have one purpose, and one purpose only and that is to evoke some sort of emotion. Whether we are being imprinted with fear, doubt, sadness, joy, elation, or anger, it is the experience of our emotions that are being brought to the surface. This also happens with day-to-day conversations with others as well. As children we learn how to use our emotional reactions to get what we want from the adults in our life. Often we take this mastered skill through the rest of our journey.

I believe that emotions can be messages from our soul, but this is when they are organic and happen from the inside out. When we experience our authentic emotions they are our souls way of communicating with us in order to guide us back to the truth. It is just a sign that we have deviated from what is. Organic emotions are important to our human experience. They bring us the lessons our soul has come here to get. It is important not to neglect or suppress these feelings when they arise in us. Accept them and the message that is being brought forward. Give them the space to be so that when the time is right, they may truly move on and you can then connect back to the truth of the moment.

For example, let’s say your best friend whom you’ve shared many, many important experiences with over the years has decided to move to another country. This will definitely trigger some deep heart felt emotions. These emotions are coming from an organic, personalized place that is meant for you to experience. It may trigger a whole bouquet of emotions, but each emotion will be a gift to learn something about your direct human experience and what it means to you. If you are fortunate you will eventually come around to the truth of the spiritual lesson and the emotional states will fall away. From then on, when you think of your friend, your heart will be filled with the knowing and truth of your connection, and there will be no space for emotional interpretation. Not everyone will feel comfortable in this place, because for most it is foreign. This is when the emotional state might return, to comfort our ego’s familiar territory.

The manipulation of our emotions is a whole other story. It may be coming from media, friends, family, or work. Information is projected outward with the intention of creating a reaction. This is sometimes done on a sub conscious level and sometimes on a conscious level. Once our emotions are evoked we then lose touch with the centre of our truth. We become vulnerable to being manipulated. The more we are manipulated the further from our truth we become. The further from our truth we become, the less authentic power we are connected to. If we get use to being influenced by outward energies we may not even recognize who we truly are anymore or the immensity of our potential.

Emotional manipulation has turned into a game of survival. It has created fear and suffering. It puts us in the position of needing to circulate our own form of protection through our own emotional stories. The layers of drama and attachment to what we think are our own beliefs start to make up the threads of our identification. Before we know it, there is no longer awareness that we have become separated from our core being.

News and media manipulate the mass all the time. Good emotions or negative emotions put us in a vulnerable place, and then we become disconnected from truth. We now can be manipulated. It is a lot easier to take control of those who have allowed themselves to be weakened with fear and are no longer in touch with the inner strength they naturally possess.

In the game of emotional manipulation that we all seem to love to play, we are always looking to evoke an emotional response from another. In each moment we accept the role of the buyer or the sales person, the giver or the taker. Maybe it is time to ask ourselves what emotions are we trying to sell to others, or what emotional states are we choosing to buy and own?  Are they being influenced by society and what the controllers of the mass are trying to sell?

If you are not sure when you are being sold someone else’s emotional package, just observe your day-to-day conversations or activities. Do you feel drained when talking to certain people? Are you wrapped up in other people’s stories that have nothing to do with your present moment? Do you react to information shared before you can digest the magnitude of the whole picture? If you are not able to receive information from a neutral place, then you have jumped onto the drama bandwagon.

How can we tune into our organic state of being, the state where we stop and listen to our souls message from within? Well first, stop and connect to your breath. This is where the Universal truth can be heard. This is where our deep souls evolution will know exactly what it needs to feel and how to be. It is time that we stop relying on the world outside of ourselves to influence or manipulate our personal well-being.

As long as we are alive we will have the activities of the world trying to influence us, this is unavoidable. What I am suggesting is that you don’t hand over your power to the worlds mastered skills of manipulation. Take time for silence.  Breathe. Connect to that place of truth and knowing, this is only found at the center of your being. Operate from that place each and everyday. If emotions get activated from this place, then know that they are truly yours, a message from your soul. You are being called to look at these emotions closer so that you may learn from them and ultimately navigate yourself back to the truth.

External emotional manipulation is all around us. The degrees of intensity ranges from super small and subtle all the way to intensely affecting the whole mass. Once we become aware that only emotions can be manipulated, and how toxic this can be if it is not a natural part of our program, then we can ask ourselves what will provide us with immunity from this invasive act?

Only one thing will provide us with immunity from outside emotional manipulation, and that is TRUTH. Where can we find this truth?  It can only be located in one place and that is within. Not in our minds and thoughts, but in the center of our being. That quiet place of knowing and accepting that can be found when we silence all the non-sense. If you have lost touch with this place within you, maybe it is time to just breathe, and tune in to the eternal place of home.