Mercury Retrograde – Stop, Look, and Listen Baby!

e91b90_d38ebb69cfc144848869c68ef5cbb59b-mv2I love when Mercury goes retrograde, and after reading this article, you just might too!

Everyday more people are hearing about “Mercury Retrograde.” The common message is to fear this time, to not make major decisions, or sign any contracts. That is asking a lot since it happens 3 to 4 times a year and for 3 to 4 weeks at a time.

Humans are constantly on the move. We seem to be hard-wired in many parts of the world to always be busy to feel productive. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, short trips, details, clear thinking, and our immediate environment. It generally moves fast and pulls us along through the busy moments of everyday life.

Imagine if you decided to take a road trip, but you drove straight to your destination without stopping. You’d likely be exhausted if the distance was far enough, and it would not be very exciting. The idea of a road trip is to sight see along the way, to explore and connect with the surroundings you find yourself in, to slow down, and then to get going again.

If we recognize our life as one big trip or journey, we would not fare very well if we did not stop from time to time to take inventory, clean up unfinished business, and reflect on where we may need to go next.

This is the gift of Mercury retrograde. If we are going full speed ahead during this time period, we are going to crash!  Mistakes will be made, obstacles will surface, things will fall apart. We are not meant to be going gung-ho during this time. Mercury retrograde is telling us that it is not a time to start new things or projects. It is not a time of new outward expression either. Now is the time to re-connect, re-do, re-think, or re-anything that you have been a part of already.

Go within’. Reflect. Take care of un-finished business. All those exciting adventures you started that you never got around to finishing, well now is the time when the Universe will support you to complete them. We operate much smoother in life when we are not surrounded by clutter, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. I love that the Universe has created these pockets of time when we are not expected to go, go, go!

Does this mean hold off on any important decisions, contracts, or trips during this time? No, it does not. What is actually happening during this optical illusion of Mercury going backwards is that Mercury is just closer to the earth now. This means on an energetic level we feel the power of Mercury and all that it influences, much more intensely. Our minds become busier, we trip up on little things throughout our day (including our words), and can be overwhelmed by the amped up volume of Mercury so close to us. This is especially true if we are trying to jam more and more into our life during this time.

Those who report on how negatively they are affected during the time of the retrograde, are likely the ones who still continue to push forward at full speed, trying to do things the way they did when Mercury was less potent. As we move forward on Earth and Mercury appears to be going backward, as we pass it, everything contained in Mercury’s energy moves behind us, ultimately tripping us up. So, when you fall flat on your face, you can shake your head, dust yourself off, and slow down.

This is the reason we are told IF you need to travel, purchase something new, or do a speaking presentation during this time, pay extra attention. Read contracts thoroughly, take the time to be extra prepared and organized. Know that other people will still be going ninety and you will need to be prepared for their stumbles and mistakes. Kind of like defensive driving, you need to be fully aware of your environment to avoid any kind of collision.

The planets have such a beautiful system and message for us.  It is important that we re-connect to these cycles so that we may allow our journey to unfold in a much more natural process. When we are out of sync with nature, the planets and the rhythm of life, it becomes very stressful and hard to manage.  All planets go retrograde at some point or another. Every planet represents a different urge and motivation along our journey, so when it goes retrograde we get the opportunity to connect on a much deeper, intimate level with that part of ourselves. It really is a brilliant system.

For those more advanced when it comes to astrology, know that some Mercury retrogrades will be felt more than others. See where in your birth chart that the retrograde transit will be happening. Look for any hard aspects. Figure out just which area of life (which house) you need to be spending some quality time in. Sort out what is no longer needed in this area, pay closer attention to these specific details, and complete any unfinished business here.

Another thing that can happen is some people operate smoother during the retrogrades. It is quite likely they were born with Mercury retrograde in their birth chart. This is a familiar speed that resonates with their natural disposition. It may also be easier for those whom are just more “chill” on all levels?

Regardless of the upheaval that the retrograde does or does not give you, accept the subtle hint that the Universe is reminding us of. If we remain on one constant forward speed, our engines will eventually burn out. So, gear down, stop, and become fully present. Take inventory of your life, de-clutter, organize, and complete unfinished business. The last thing you want is a slap in the face from Mercury as it goes on by.

Mercury retrograde is telling you to Stop, Look, and Listen baby, ‘cos that’s its philosophy…and that’s alright by me!


March 22 – April 15, 2018 In the fire-sign of Aries

July 25 – August 18, 2018 In the fire-sign of Leo

November 16 – December 06, 2018 From the fire-sign of Sagittarius to the water-sign of Scorpio