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Connecting to Your Purpose

To begin to understand your purpose, it is important to first understand what purpose actually is. Purpose is the presence of Spirit in motion. Spirit is energy, and energy is potentiality. Knowing that you, your human self, is animated by Spirit, by source energy, you will know that you contain pure potentiality. Your search for purpose is a search to access and connect with this inner potentiality.

You may be wondering how does one do this exactly? Well, when you trust your (energetic) vibes, which are felt in the body and you allow yourself to be moved in the direction that you are feeling to go, then you are on purpose (note that this may take practice, especially if you are used to being in your head).  There is no thought involved here, for as soon your mind becomes a part of this process you have let ego in, pushing your Spirit aside. Bring Spirit back into the whole of your being, allow the light in your eyes and the smile on your face to be the main operator in the moments mission. This is your purpose.

Spirit is the fire within that moves you, it is the spark that ignites your joy, and it is what creates that charmed life you are meant to live. Have Faith in your Spirit and you will have Faith in your purpose. There will be no doubt or confusion of why you are here or what you are “supposed” to be doing. The path will be clear, for the fire in your belly will blaze the way. This is your compass, but this compass cannot see further than the present moment. It is crucial to let go of all expectations to the outcome. Those expectations can only come from the head and when this happens you have allowed ego in and pushed Spirit aside and this will take you away from your purpose.

The saying by Shakira that the hips don’t lie speaks the truth…who knew? During an interview, Shakira explained that the song’s lyrics were inspired by her ability to determine the release-readiness of a song by whether or not it motivates her to dance. She states that she used to tell her musicians, “My hips don’t lie!”

This is where the motion happens, allow your hips to move you in the direction that the heart has expressed. Your heart knows, and your hips will get you there fuelled by Spirit, fuelled by your vibes, fuelled by your purpose. The sacral chakra (located in the middle of your hips) is your energy hot spot where creativity has the potential to be generated on a mass level. This is where passion lives, where life force itself is generated. It works directly with your third eye chakra, your intuitive knowing. We are six sensory beings and when we allow this intuitive knowing, 6th chakra/third-eye, to communicate with our creative 2nd sacral chakra, we are tapping into our purpose. For those who connect to numerology the 6 + 2 = 8 and 8 represents our strength and power. It is then translated through the heart and sent to the solar plexus chakra where the fire lives. If this is getting too confusing the simplified version is to feel that pull in your gut when you are being moved by Spirit and trust your vibes. Allow Spirit to move you, feel it in your body, not in your thoughts, not in your head.

What is your purpose? Your purpose is to trust your vibes. What is sparking joy within you? Recognize what puts your fire out and what fuels it. Your purpose is to keep that fire lit, don’t let it go out, for fire is your Spirit. If Spirit has left, if the light in your eyes has gone out, then it is time to recognize your day to day choices. Start to feel how each thing you do either ignites a spark of joy or creates that sensation of dullness dimming your light.

You have a team of Spirit guides always communicating with you, but how guidable are you, how movable are you? When we operate from our head we are stiff and rigid. We become stuck in old ways of thinking and being, our conditions and limits restrict our flow. When we bring our Spirit back into ourselves we bring back the spark of life, our fire, our passion, and this allows us to be once again moved by purpose.

This purpose is not set, for it only knows what it is moment to moment. It may be the expression of being a parent with great joy, a caregiver to a struggling loved one, playing a musical instrument, applying yourself as an accountant, or a teacher. It may move you to open your heart to a stranger and be that space for them to open up. Maybe it will be a call to give yourself space to cry like never before. It may move you to give away everything you own and travel the world. As long as that fire is lit you will always be on purpose, because you will know when it is shifting to something new, something else, you will feel it and you will know it. It will tell you that you are done traveling the world and it is time to go home and start a family. It will tell you that this job is no longer serving your highest good and it is time to move in a new direction.

Albert Einstein said our logical mind is our faithful servant. I believe we do need our minds to assist us in executing our heartfelt path, but it is only there to serve and not to lead. It is when we allow our minds to take control, that we talk ourselves out of what Spirit is guiding us to do. We tend to allow our fixed beliefs and conditions to translate our ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’. Spirit is pushed aside and ego steps in. Ego creates a sense of fear and insecurity. Ego will never be secure for it will always fear not being in control. Not being in control puts us into the unknown, and if we don’t have Faith in Spirit to lead us through this unknown, then we stay stuck and unmovable.

Spirit is alive, it is free flowing, it is your purpose. If you want to live a purposeful life, then do what fuels that fire in your belly. Do what you are most excited about in each and every moment with no expectations to the outcome. Expect that all will turn out for the highest good of all when you are acting from your heart, but what that outcome should look like exactly, is not for you to figure out or control. Know that acting from your heart means that you will do no harm to yourself or those around you. Trust that if along the way you no longer feel the vibes of Spirit present in what you are experiencing, that Spirit will automatically re-direct you if you allow it.

Being on purpose does not have a template, it does not fit into a box, and it is not restricted. If you are “stuck” this just means that Spirit is no longer present in your moment. You have allowed the fire to go dim and you have stopped moving. There is no judgement to this place. It is just an opportunity to invite the energy of potentiality back into the moment. Each moment does not come with a pre-set interpretation, it is neutral by nature and it is what you choose to infuse it with that will create the experience. If you infuse the moment with Spirit, then you will be moved instantly. Spirit does not sit still or get stuck.

If you feel like you need help getting Spirit back on bored, move your body and increase your vibrations so that you can hear and feel those vibes. Dance, exercise, sing, BREATHE deeply, speak your truth! All of these things generate life force within the body that you have chosen to animate. If you want to live a purposeful life, limit the activities that keep you in your head, that keep you distracted from feeling your truth, and stop you from moving.

Let go of blaming the world outside of you. Its only job is to re-direct you back into yourself to feel what is going on. These feelings when trusted become the guideposts to navigating your way. They are energetic bumpers that keep you on track. Acknowledge these people and experiences for the beautiful gifts of awareness to what you feel within and thank them with sincere gratitude.

When it truly comes down to understanding your purpose, know that this is not something you are supposed to be “doing” but instead it is about a way of “being.”  When you connect to being in the moment that is powered by Spirit, and you are trusting the vibes to guide you, then you are on purpose. Purpose is a frequency of infinite potentiality. It is expressed through life force itself, which is you. This is who you are, you ARE purpose…just BE you.