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A Letter From the Other Side…

Here is a letter from my mom who is no longer physically here. These are the words I feel she would have shared with me, as she divinely witnessed my many experiences with death. These are also the words I would want to share with my children once I am gone. And these are the words for anyone who knows of the challenges that grief can bring.

Stay bright sweet one…it hurts, I know, but it will be okay. You may feel lost for a while, confused and even angry. Like all of us, you are here on earth for a temporary experience. It can sometimes feel like you are constantly being tested and challenged to process what you are going through. Remember though that it is happening ‘for you’ and not ‘to you.’ It is all a part of the building blocks that make the beautiful being that you are.

Stay bright sweet one…sometimes when life events shake your foundation of what you have built, you may crumble. Know, that only what is illusion can fall away, because truth is the light that always is. Sometimes we as humans fall hard, sometimes we go on a whirlwind of a spiralling downfall. Our sense of who we are is questioned when we have a piece of our identity taken away. It can be the death or loss of your mom, your dad, husband or wife, child, best friend, neighbour or pet, and the list goes on. Anyone we invest our energy in becomes a part of us and it can hurt when it gets physically and/or emotionally removed from our world. The stronger the attachment, the stronger the void, which seems completely unfair I know.

Stay bright sweet one…no matter how much it hurts you must dig down and find your strength. Don’t give up living, in fact for me please do the opposite. Every journey has a purpose to shine their light by being their true authentic expression of themselves. You don’t need a fancy title, an award, or a certificate. You don’t need a status approved by society. All I ask of you, is to keep your light within, shining bright. Speak from your heart, laugh from deep within your belly, and love from all of your being. Trust that you always know what to do and where to go. Go within to connect to your truth because this is where I will be, and so will all of those who are guiding you from the other side.

Stay bright sweet one…you are only here for a short time. Embrace the whole experience. Being human is about riding the energetic waves of all the many emotions, but don’t ever hold onto one for too long. They come and go and move with the rhythms of your life, so don’t judge this, even if you may feel crazy or like something is wrong with you. Have the courage to be the full expression of your truth. I trust that you are wise enough to take the space you need, so you do no harm to others.  Be free in every moment. It’s okay to cry one minute and laugh the next. Live out loud while you have the chance.

Stay bright sweet one…no one is flawless. We all have moments when we are not our brightest selves. Fear may create obstacles to expressing our truths. Not all of us can express the love we feel for others with words. Sometimes our actions may feel selfish and inconsiderate, but these are moments in our journey that are just a snapshot of the whole experience. It does not shape or colour the truth of your heart and soul. Being human is full of egotistic moments that need to happen in order for us to truly connect to the depth of our Soul. So, if you are ever less than your more desirable self when a loved one leaves you, it’s okay. For your light is the truth and the Soul’s connection cannot be diminished by any egotistic moment in time.

Stay bright sweet one…life may feel disappointing at times. I may have let you down by not showing up the way you needed me to in every moment. I likely won’t be the only one in your life, that at times, did not recognize their impact that their actions may have had on you.  Please don’t ever take this personally. I can promise you that in my heart, I did my very best I could in each and every moment. I too had hard lessons in this life to figure out, but they were all a part of my Soul’s plan to evolve in the way it needed to this time around. My story, my life, my experiences shaped my response-ability. I am fully accountable for my actions, even if I don’t fully understand the Soul’s contracts and agreements made in order to help each other evolve.

Stay bright sweet one…death is a peculiar thing. I felt like I did not get to choose how I emotionally grieved the news, of living beings transitioning here from earth. Regardless of my connection and level of love experienced, sometimes I felt an inner peace and understanding, and sometimes all I could do is cry and cry.  Sometimes the pain would come and go over a short period of time, and sometimes it would come and go my entire life. It did not define or measure the love I felt for that being. I trusted that not everything could be understood in my mind. That something on a much deeper level was going on that only the Soul’s connection truly understood. So, without judgement, know that how you grieve anything, or anyone is pure and good for you, regardless of the earthly connection experienced.

Stay bright sweet one…even when your relationships are hard and full of pain. Even if you experience hate and anger towards something or someone, know that sometimes we need to experience this in order to understand what it is to Love fully. This is an opportunity to heal this fragmented part of you within, so that you may feel whole and connect back to the truth. We contain the potential of everything and everyone. When we realize we are each a result of our ancestral stories, and that our conditioning and our environment all shape each and every one of us, we can have compassion for the entire human condition, if we choose. We all arrive seemingly innocent, unadulterated. Then the human journey begins and our Soul’s go through a gauntlet of beautiful and ugly experiences. Sometimes, we then can pass it on consciously or unconsciously to those around us, who then do the same to those around them. It becomes a web of very complex human expressions, making it impossible to direct the blame to one individual, or one experience.

He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived ~ Chinese Proverb

…and when you feel like life is too much, or that you can’t figure things out, or you are exhausted and overwhelmed, just be still. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and feel my love. Know that I am always with you.  Whatever you are struggling to figure out, you have the answers within. It is in this quiet place, within this stillness, that you will connect to your own higher wisdom and truth. And know that when your heart is full of love and joy, I am also with you, feeling your love and your joy. I am ALWAYS with you.

You are infinite love, you are consciousness, you are light…it cannot ever be taken away from you, for this is the ultimate truth of who you are. So, please do not ever forget sweet one, stay bright!

Love Mom